Staffing Software and Solutions
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    Staffing is an interrupt driven business.  A typical day in a staffing professional's life involves dozens of client/employee contacts, data searches, time postings, balance checks and quick decisions.

    TempServ from Greenfield Software helps you manage it all with style and grace.  It's web interface gives you access to all the data you need and the ability to perform any task from any PC, tablet or smart phone.  The multi-tab interface lets you begin a new task without losing your place in the ones you have already started.  A fully integrated front and back office, web portal, document management and paperless on-boarding means data moves smoothly around your organization.

    For more information about TempServ click here.

Front Office

Applicant Tracking
Job Order Management
Job Board Posting
Candidate Search and Assign
Assignment Management

Back Office

Customer Management
Employee Management
Accounts Receivable

Self Service

Customer Self Service
Employee Self Service
Online Time Entry
Online Applications and Hiring

News & Events

American Staffing Association