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    TempServ from Greenfield Software helps you manage it all with style and grace.  It's web interface gives you access to all the data you need and the ability to perform any task from any PC, tablet or smart phone.  The multi-tab interface lets you begin new task without losing your place in the ones you have already started.  A fully integrated front and back office, web portal, document management and paperless on-boarding means data moves smoothly around your organization.

  • Desktop


  • Candidate Search

    Candidate Search and Assign

  • Employee Management

    Employee Management

  • Customer Management

    Customer Management

  • Order Management

    Order Management

  • Accounts Receivable

    Accounts Receivable

Front Office

Applicant Tracking
• From applying to hiring
• Multi-phase hiring process
• Customizable hiring process
• Application indexed for keyword search
• Resume' indexed for keyword search
Job Order Management
• Pay & Bill rates
• Service Period & Shift
• Skill requirements
• Notes
• Assignment History
• TimeCard History
• Document Management
• Candidate Search & Assign
• Submits
Job Board Posting
• Post to you own website
• Customized posting/start dates
• Phone & Email response
• Apply Online available
Candidate Search & Assign
• Search candidate or applicants
• Skill and Keyword search
• Multi Branch search
• Distance search
Assignment Management
• Pay & Bill rates
• Service Period & Shift
• Skill requirements
• Notes
• TimeCard History
Third Party Integration
• Offline Time capture
• Funding Exports
• Factoring Exports
• more...

Back Office

Customer Management
• Multi Sites
• Document Management
• Notes
• Skills & Positions
• Customer defined requirements
• Order History
• Assignment History
• TimeCard History
• Do Not Return tracking
• Invoice & Sales History
• Submits
• Accounts Receivable History
• Contact Management
Employee Management
• Payroll Withholding info
• Document Management
• Notes
• Skills
• Verified requirements
• Assignment History
• TimeCard History
• Work History
• Do Not Return tracking
• Payroll History
• Deductions
• Certifications
• Multi State Payroll
• Checks, Direct Deposit & Pay Cards
• Federal, State & Local reporting
• Federal State & Local forms
• W2 processing
• Multiple Invoice formats
• Process invoices by branch, customer or site
• Emailed invioces
Accounts Receivable
• Payment/Receipt posting
• Aging Analysis
• Statement processing

Self Service

Customer Self Service
• On line time entry/approval
• Place job orders on line
• Check job order status
• Display account balance and invoice copies
• Display assignment history
Employee Self Service
• On line time entry
• View check history/ Reprint W2s
• Update availability schedule
• Update contact information
Online Application
• Customized application linked to your site
• Customized multi-phase hiring process
• Electronically sign all hiring documents
• Signed documents automatically attached to employee
• Hiring data automatically transferred to employee file

American Staffing Association
Kittrell Paycard

Phone Numbers

919.416.9841  Local
800.226.9366  Toll free
919.401.2974  Fax
919.416.4302  After hours

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 61318
Durham, NC 27715-1318


3708 Lyckan Parkway
Suite 101
Durham, NC 27707-2586 (map)


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